Angelica Rose-The Heart of Motivation

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Some of Angelica's Testimonials:

Individual Sessions:

"Thank you for the great show. I was guided to your blogtalk radio show tonight for a good reason. My soul mate died 11 years ago. I was devastated and blocked my heart chakra. Your Meditation and your words brought me healing and now my heart chakra s glowing and open. Moving forward and healing has been a long hard road for me. So thank you for that and for checking up on me after the show. If you need any healing work done feel free to call on me." Kevin W Madison Wisconsin  

"In our Angel, Your Spirit Guides, Medium Messages reading what you shared turned out to be 100% accurate. Thank you so much." Alenka

"In our Angel, Your Spirit Guides, Medium Messages reading you said that I was going to get a call two weeks from now for an interview at the medical school I am applying for. They called at that exact time for the interview. I am excited. Thank you for being so accurate." Aaron Louisiana 

"In November in an Angel, Your Spirit Guides, Medium Messages reading you shared moving to Atlanta would be a positive move. That I would meet a neighbor who'd assist me in getting a job in the hospital. That my youngest daughter would meet a boy and become best friends. I am so taken by the accuracy. I did meet a neighbor that is offering to help me get a job, the move here is amazing, and my youngest daughter did meet a young boy and they are best friends. Thank you for the amazing reading."  Jamesetta Atlanta Georgia

"You shared in the Angel-Your Spirit Guides-Medium Messages reading that the guy I am seeing would have a conversation with his diseased dad and that he would be selling his house and end up coming to visit me . I just heard from him and he confirmed that his dad was indeed coming to him and that he is coming to visit me this week and he is selling his house. Your reading is so accurate. Tamara C California

"I'm happy to report that the performance went very well.  I was very relaxed when I arrived there;  that little emotional release during the meditation in the Angel-Your Spirit Guides-Medium Messages reading and Monthly Skype left me feeling really good ! While I was playing, sometimes I was relaxed, sometime a little shaky. But I've developed a good awareness of when a panic attack is coming ( negative / worrying thoughts ), and I'm able now to calm myself down by slowing down, taking a deep breath, and actively relaxing some parts of my body like my wrists and armpits, while I'm playing. I've developed faith that if I can calm my mind down, I will play just fine, just like at home. I'm so excited!" Isabelle H. Portland Oregon  

"Thank you for our connection today during the Angel-Your Spirit Guides-Medium Messages reading. I truly enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you so much! I felt like I gained a lot today" Aimee O. Olympia WA 

"The exercise that you led us in during the Angel-Your Spirit Guides-Medium Messages reading and Monthly Skype session.has been very beneficial to me.  The sadness that was the go to emotion is no longer there.  It appears I no longer feel the need to cry every time i see something that reminds me of my husband.  My mind doesn't play the tape of the past that would always take me back to the feelings.  I am amazed every day of how my lack of sadness has not resurfaced.  So I am very grateful it has made a great difference." Diane P. Grants Pass Oregon 

"I did enjoy the exercise of focusing on an issue that has to do with the human ego, while bringing in the love, the peace, the oneness, magnificence of the spirit in the Angel-Your Spirit Guides-Medium Messages Monthly Skypsession. I did feel my ego recede, sort of take a back seat, and the higher vibration/spirit takes over. At the same time, they are not separate from each other." Shona H. Ashland Oregon 

"Things have been set in motion! Not so stuck anymore. It has been 3 weeks since I had the Chakra Frequency Session,  and Movement is still in a positive direction! Yaeeee!!!" Saundra C. Portland Oregon

"How wonderful so expanded is the world but there is so much more there is a great unconditional love here and there is a peace a knowing I am floating today and out with one foot planted on the earth..Too awesome Thank you for the expansive energy you downloaded for us on Angel-Your Spirit Guides-Medium Messages Monthly Skype  session" Rhonda L,  Redding California 

Just wanted to  thank you so much for my Angel-Your Spirit Guides-Medium Messages reading today...I am truly blessed to have met you and have the wonderful reading with you....I am so much more at peace now....thank you, thank you...Christine J. Bend Oregon 

"You do valuable work..I acknowledge your energy in the  Angel-Your Spirit Guides-Medium Messages reading and Monthly Skype session I had . xo xo" Alena B. Ashland Oregon 

"I'd like to share with you what a great Monthly Skype session I had today. The guided meditation felt really good, and the Chakra frequency had a spectacular effect. I came back from a trip on Friday, and have been struggling with my tango dancing ever since, unable to find the right posture. And things got worse today. My whole body had been feeling sort of tight all day. A short exercise and stretching session didn't help. After our session though, my body finally relaxed and I can dance with ease again. Headache is gone too. I am amazed by what energy work can do! " Thank you. Isabelle H. Portland OR 

"Thank you for the relaxing meditation and recharge as I like to say during the Monthly Skype! The message was a confirmation of the road I am trying to navigate with spirit. I always felt I had an American Indian guide so you confirmed my thoughts were right. I am excited to see what August brings and will be putting myself out in nature more as I was advised! Thank you and have a Blessed Day! Donna C Bend Oregon 

"Angel thank you for doing the talk at the Spiritual Awareness Center. I so enjoyed it and thank you for your Angel-Your Spirit Guides-Medium Messages reading. It was so helpful. Deanne D. Bend Oregon 

"Angel I just wanted to give you a update. your Angel-Your Spirit Guides-Medium Messages reading said I would meet some one in June...and my life would change...well i did meet someone on April 26 out of nowhere.. and we are crazy in love with each other...and life has been changing..its been many years since I felt this way." Karen O. Portland Oregon 

"Angelica Thank you so much for the beautiful Chakra Frequency Session ! I could feel the beautiful energy...ready to let go of all that no longer serves me, as well as the infusion of high-vibrating energy of love, peace, joy...I smiled each time you mentioned the playful energy of love and visualized myself dancing joyfully...I felt loved, peaceful and safe. Immediately following the session, I was truly exhausted and allowed myself to just rest, nap, and go to sleep for the night early.  I could sense the continual work throughout my chakras and felt lightness and joy that I am so ready to release the old record that had been playing over and over in my life. Now two days later,  I feel enthused, yet deeply peaceful and so ready to release on all levels, which for me, is to also release many material things that I had been attached to and want to give them to others who would be happy to receive them. I feel such great FREEDOM!" Nancy M. Northern CA 

"Thank you for your Angel-Your Spirit Guides-Medium Messages reading this Saturday.  I feel more energetic, hopeful, and more loving and accepting of myself. I am more aware of my internal conversations and thoughts, and have been more communicative and more action-oriented. Things are going well, and I am seeing life with more appreciation and beauty!" Nancy M. Northern CA 

"Thank you for the 20 minute Private session. I have a stronger connection and flow with my spirit and body now. I breathe easier- I am having much more stamina- the knowing now that I was not fully recharged in my body along with my new spirit knowing-- has helped me so much- to connect the dots to dot of my processes-. I am so thankful for the connections and love your transfer to others- I thank my helpers for the work they did for me. just in time." Connie F. Bend Oregon 

"Thank you for the Angel-Your Spirit Guides-Medium Messages. You were spot on with comments read both for me and from my deceased Uncle and Mom. You told me things that I knew were so accurate and that they shared with me personally when they were alive. Thank you so much." Nancy M Northern Ca 

"Hi Angel, on the Angels, Your Spirit Guides, Medium Messages & Mini Chakra Frequency Monthly Skype reading portion you told me my deceased husband will send me red roses to remind me he is here. The day after our , everyone was posting pics of red roses here on FB! You had told me that my husband said to tell me that he was sending me some red flowers, possibly roses. Well, he sure did! I also had opened a box in my storage unit to go through it and I found a red rose that he had given me! Sometimes I feel as though he is so far away and too busy to "stay in touch" with me. What a nice reminder that he still is near me!" Cyndee R Olympia WA 

"Two days after the Chakra Frequency Session, I woke this morning after sleeping well. I have been having a little problem with sleep.  Yesterday I would have bought of sadness occasionally, but I didn't feel so sad and depressed afterwards. I feel like my energy is stronger and I am happier. I also have a appetite and am hungry. I don't know if that's the best, but I haven't felt like eating for over a month. Would like to lose a few more pounds! Anyway, thank you for your help. I believe that I am on the road to recovery from this grief." Diane P Grants Pass Oregon 

"I was blessed by an hour Angels, Your Spirit Guides, Medium Messages session with Angel 2 days ago. Thank you so much, & thank you for the joy we create for one another when we connect in Truth & Love." Jennifer K. 

" hi lovely I wanted to let you know I received your CDs yesterday woohhhooo. listened to the first one the Chakra Frequency CD and it was great fell asleep it was so relaxing. I think I need to listen to it again and see if I can stay awake. big hugs. thank you."  North Carolina  Angela R 

"I absolutely loved the call last night thank you soo much. I felt the energy moving and clearing soo quickly, it lasted a long time. and i feel great today." Angela L. North Carolina 

"A belayed thank you, Angel, for the meditation & message from my guides.  I loved the Monthly Skype session with you!You share your gifts with love to help others. Blessings prayed for you!" Jennifer K. West Virginia 

"Thanks for the Monday night Monthly Skype especially of course for the meditation and reading. I enjoyed the meditation very much and staying in it. I'm a regular meditator and enjoy it I did feel the guides even before the Monday night Monthly Skype meditation and reading. I felt them standing behind me as I was meditating. In one very strong meditation a couple days before, I felt them quite strongly, and it was as if a whole bunch of stuff was being pulled out in the white light, and I could actually 'feel' it go, and they told me to stay in meditation and that they would close off my aura before coming out of it. So I will continue to work on it and with the spirit guides." Shona H. Medford Oregon 

"I have been meaning to get back to you. I absolutely loved Monday night Monthly Skype.I have loved both sessions with you." Trina B. Portland Oregon 

"Thank you for all that you do! In bringing love to others and teaching us how we can also become a larger part of this love energy! I have learned soooo much from you!" Cynde R. 

"I really enjoy speaking with Angel and getting Angel-Your Spirit Guides-Medium Messages. She has such a calming voice and is able to give you insight to your situation thru your Spirit Guides. She absolutely amazing! I will definitely be calling her again." Stacey Texas 

"Thank you for the Chakra Frequency session. I'm "Allowing" and remembering that the universe can send me opportunities that I don't expect.  I don't have to "figure it out".  Just taking it easy as it comes and know that it'll all be OK.  Thank you for all you do to spread positive messages out to the world.   Your name is fitting for you.  You are an angel  Have a peaceful day" Michelle L. Corvallis OR 

"Thank you for the check in telephone call...I greatly appreciate. A lot of detoxing and shifting things about Love are coming forward as well about friendship especially with woman...I love what you did. Thank you! I am feeling lighter...for sure. Love and Light" Rhonda L. Salem OR 

"Thank you for The Private Spiritual Coaching Session Tuesday.  I slept the best I have for some time.  I wanted to share a couple things. As soon as I finished meditating, I closed Skype and it was 44 degrees outside according to my computer.  I'm still consistently getting double numbers.Tuesday, I was told that I may need to layoff 10 people. Although the other managers went home and stressed about it, I focused on knowing that some miracle would happen.  Wednesday morning I was faced with an irate customer - 30 customers received new computers that were not set up correctly.  I went to the customer calmly and told him I was here to bring love and to fix everything.  My team took care of everything and many of the customers laughed and enjoyed our approach.  When I went to the afternoon meeting (Wow - clock just turned 4:44am and blinked twice), the management team was able to come up with a strategy that would allow us to not layoff anyone."  Debbie H. Olympia WA 

"I am feeling good from the Monthly Angel-Your Spirit Guides-Medium Message and Mini Chakra Monthly Skype.  More peaceful.  My mind is not as “busy” or chattery. Thank you so much." Geoff W. Mcminnville Oregon 

"During the private Skype Webcam you mentioned that my husband Sam, who passed away, is in the light and connects with me this way. That he will contact me in a couple of days. He did. He came into my dream and said he had resurrected, which is the same as going into the light, and will contact me this way. The same night he also went to my daughter in her dream and another relative" Karen M. Idaho 

"My Angel-Your Guides-Medium reading with Angel was completely relevant to what is happening in my life and spirit right now...a heartwarming & honest session. Tea Pennsylvania

"I received the most profound messages over night. I have two books that have been almost at the point of publication, but things just did not seem to be going right with either. (Deadlines, delays and so forth.) Today I feel that I can get both my books completed because I understand my assignment better. I want to give you this testimony, not like you need one-however I am for certain that you helped me to change my vibration, and sent in the guides that I need to go forward. I feel released from a dark misty shadow into the light. I appreciate and love you for being here on the planet. Sincerely," Nancy O. Omtimes Magazine 

" I wanted to check in with you and let you know I am feeling great this morning. I feel like something has shifted from the Chakra Frequency Session I had with you. Thank you for your help." Melissa M. Portland OR 

"You have helped me a lot in the Chakra Frequency Session I had with you. I am very grateful for this." Helen M. Seattle WA 

"I had a peaceful evening after our Chakra Frequency Session and have been really good all week. Looking forward to the Monthly Skype tomorrow. Blessings" Drea B. Silverdale WA 

"I have had an amazing couple of weeks.  The move went well and I am settling in here at my new house at the beach.  You were so spot on about everything.  I have found my peace here.  This house WAS waiting for my energy.  I felt it right away.  I am sleeping peacefully for the first time in many many months. And I have felt Ray's presence hereguiding me and watching over me.  But only at first.  It feels like its slowly fading.  You said that day at the Cove that he would be close by for the next three weeks - and it's almost been that long - so I think he's almost not around any more." Marlene J Olympia Washington 

Angelica Rose brings only love, inspiration, and positivity with her, constantly helping others rapidly evolve spiritually. Every message I've received from her always rang with pure truth and encouragement. Working with her as helped me grow self-confident and make leaps and bounds in my own work. I'm so grateful for her work. What she does is priceless.  -Simone H.  Portland Oregon 

"Yes, you have the most amazing were spot on...I am so thankful for the message from the Monthly Angel Your Guides messages-Medium Skype." Lisa C Salem Oregon 


"I am feeling wonderful from our an Angel-Your Guides messages-Medium/Activation last week.  I thank you for your help with me on clearing some cords and residual issues.  I am relaxed and at peace with my life and am taking a month of "self love" to cherish me and focus on things that make me happy and do what I want to do.  It feels perfectly amazing."  Jennifer M. Seattle Washington 

"I really enjoyed meeting you and receiving an Angel-Your Guides-Medium reading. The messages were very clear and continue to be helpful. Thank you " Cory T. Roseburg, Oregon 

"After that great Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages I am ready for more" Tim C. Kent Washington 

"My mom saw you for a session today (Sunday 9/29) and she was amazed. She immediately called me and I knew that working with you could also be of great benefit to me." Jenn M. Seattle WA 

"As a first timer in having Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages, Angel was fantastic. She offered all kinds of remarkable insight into extremely important areas of my life without me having to talk much at all. She talked about things that made this skeptic think "Hmmm... how did she know that?" I was able to self reflect on some very important paths in my life, and through her help I now recognize ways to improve and better myself in these paths and where I may have been too preoccupied. I highly recommend anyone to try Angel's readings." Aaron New York 

"The 30 minutes Chakra Frequency seemed like 10 minutes and I was definitely out of it.  My meditations are deeper and I seem more sensitive to negative stimulation.  I've noticed I "feel" things more.  Like, when someone tells me a story, I often get a "tingling" sensation and get a sense that the story they are talking about is true (this has happened several times).  If there is an erroneous statement, I get no feeling at all.  I have been feeling happier and more mindful of being grateful for everything around me and my circumstance." Annette B. Eugene Oregon 

"I believe the Chakra Frequency has been helpful. I've been able to let go of the issue at work and can now laugh about it. Can re-visit it but without the anger and frustration. Was telling someone about it today and had to laugh.  I am able to talk with my bossnow, without feeling the anger I originally felt toward him." Cynthia R. Olympia WA 

"Initially after the Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages/Activation, I was very relaxed and felt very emotionally light. Feels so good to release old stuff! I love being more in tune with source and love in general. I love and appreciate the support from everyone involved. I've never been happier in my life and it keeps getting better. I want to interact more, learn and connect more to my Guides and Source and all the energy involved. Such wonderful, heart warming, positive changes. I love it!" Kimberlee W. Mcminnville, OR 

"Oh How I appreciate what you dd for me. I woke up feeling happy and content and remain so since the Chakra Frequency session. Though many thoughts travel my mind, I no longer feel stuck. There is no price that can be placed on inner knowledge and resulting peace. Thank you again so much. The Chakra Frequency session is so very worth it! Blessings to you in your life travels whether you are moving or standing still" Karen M. Idaho 

"The Monthly Skype with you has been transformative for me and my work thank you." Simone H. Portland OR 

"I had a great Chakra Frequency session. I seem to be less worried about relationships, money and not quite as foggy as I was. Another interesting thing is that I sometimes seem to know that someone is going to call me or come to my door right before they do, or say something before they say it." Saundra P. Newberg OR 

"I loved receiving Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages/Activation last Saturday at the Shelton Cove. I am still internalizing your messages and working further with the information you gave me." Jeanine O. Shelton WA 

"During the monthly Skye you mentioned that my guides were still working on me and I might feel some tingling. I definitely felt it, mostly to the right side of my head. Interesting! I am feeling calmer about things and that is a real plus!" Cynde R. Shelton WA 

"After you hung up from the Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages/Activation I had, it felt as if a thick layer of energy completely covered my body and was soaking into me. A strange and wonderful feeling.. In the next few days, I found myself wondering about the ‘feeling of unworthiness’ that was identified. This is something I have been working with for a very long time… without making much headway in terms of creating change. For the first time today I find myself in touch with an absence… that I’m unaware of how to be, or how to feel worthy. I don’t believe that this is a matter of either being, or of feeling something in particular, in the sense that one simply IS worthy, because all of us are loved, and all of us are worthy of that love and abundance. Questioning that is simply ridiculous. I know that. And yet somehow I don’t feel it; there’s an absence, a big hole in me somewhere. Then, before I went to bed, it occurred to me that I’m really not sure what being worthy would feel like, or even what it looks like. It’s as if I’ve never seen it anywhere, and simply can’t imagine it. Like a person who’s been blind from birth trying to describe various colors. (Even a seeing person – me – can find describing color a challenge. It all seems to come down to emotion… I slept exceptionally well last night. That’s always wonderful. Thank you for your work with me," Colleen S Portland OR

"From the activation from the Monthly Skype came a true knowing of release and also vision of my strength and where I have brought is my genuine self. This was a very wonderful experience; very elevated more than normal and you ALWAYS elevate me so it was a blessed extreme!!" Debbie P. Sonoma CA 

"Thank you Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages/Activation. Your reading was accurate. The activation was awesome. I felt a bit dizzy shortly after you hung up, probably moved too fast. You were right about feeling lighter. I do and I love it. I had planned to quit smoking and to do a cleanse to jump start my changes on a physical level which I began Friday. All is going well and I think the Activation helped quite a bit. I have been sleeping a bit better. The timing was perfect. It pushed my buttons to the Journey of Health. I have done a cleansing, quit smoking and am now exercising." Rhonda S. Sand Springs, OK 

"I am much more highly motivated to get things done. I find myself taking care of myself better and that who I was before. I jumped back into my research of metaphysics and I have been accelerating at a million miles an hour." Ray I Croton On Hudson, NY 

"I know the Chakra Frequency Session went really well and a couple of times I had tears  streaming down my face because of what was said so I think I needed it! Thank you. 3 Days after the session and I feel a certain calmness and knowing. I don't seem to be as worried about stuff. I also feel like I am walking around with an energy field around me. I feel it more when I am calm." Saundra P. Newberg OR 

"I am feeling so much lighter, much freer and peaceful from the Chakra Frequency Session thank you." Kimberlee W. Mcminnville, OR 

"Thank you for  the Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading. Right after the reading the book I am writing shifted its focus just like you mentioned from mainstream to a spiritual focus. I don't feel stuck anymore it is flowing in such an  amazing manner " Karen E. Richmond CA 


"Since the Chakra Frequency Session, I sense that I feel calmer, less brain noise, and higher vibrations around me." Saundra P Newberg Oregon 

"After the Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading and Angel-Your Guides Energy Transmission Session I never wanted to come back down. I loved being in a higher realm and listening to what my Angels were saying. It took a couple of hours before I was back to my usual self. Thank you" Saundra P Newberg Oregon 

"Just letting you know that the Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading and Angel-Your Guides Energy Transmission Session we did was very powerful and I have been feeling different shifts unfolding over the last 3 days. I am very grateful  Much Love," Arasia San Rafael CA 

"Thank you for the Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages/Chakra Reading. I have so much peace right now." Nalorie A. Yucca Valley CA 

"Thank you for the Chakra Frequency session. This is my 3rd monthly one and I am at peace. I have an inner peace and very thankful for all that IS. I am also so grateful for you and appreciate all you have done for me...thank you, thank you, thank you. Lisa C. Salem Oregon 

"Thank you so much for the Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages/Chakra Reading yesterday!!!  I was absolutely flying the rest of the day."  Emily L Seattle Washington 

"I am happy with your products. The book is wonderful and so is the Chakra Relaxation CD. Best of all is the reading I got from you in person!' Jeanne O Fife Washington 

"I experienced a real shift after seeing you on Saturday with the Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages/Chakra Reading and that lingered with me for awhile. I was very moved by the reading from you both emotionally and literally. Namaste" Jeanne O. Fife Oregon

"Thank you so much for the Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading and Chakra Clearing-Balancing Session. I could feel the energy a lot stronger a few minutes after I got off the phone with you and stayed in bed for about an hour. I feel like the energy has much more that it wants to do. I had pain in my upper back before the session and it felt better after the session." Rachae L Seattle WA 

"Wow you are gifted. Thank you. The first night after the Chakra Frequency Session, I saw a yellow orb in the sky which split into two perfectly round orbs. While bathing in sea salt..twice so far keep getting tingles around my chest and shoulder area. On a walk today, I received a message that there is nothing to fear, because if you don't fear death  you are free.. to love... I keep hearing ringing in my ears.. seems to be all around when I meditate, I definitely hear a higher frequency. Thank you Angel. I feel blessed " Lisa C Salem Oregon 

"I was very inspired by your Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages on Patti Sherwin's Blog Talk Radio California. I have been through so much over the last several years. Thank you" Carol B. Bonita Spring, Florida 

"While you were working with my Guides on me during the phone Chakra Frequency Session, I could fee my vibration raise. Tears were flowing from my eyes and I could feel my heart Chakra open wide. That was great, and today when I was doing a healing on someone, I got some clear messages from Buddha, Quan Yin and Mother Mary for my client. I also saw Angels. One told me he was the Angel of all. I usually don't hear that clear. These messages come in so clear. Thank you for what you did for me and I know the results are barely beginning to show and know they will increase." In love and light Liz G. Grants Pass Oregon

"After the Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading and Chakra Clearing-Balancing Session I have been staying open to allowing the positive energy to solidify. 5 days after the session, I went from feeling so helpless and lost, with negative emotions and limiting beliefs, to so much appreciation and gratitude. I have been channeling loving ideas and guidance more. I love you and thank you for the clearing and support and salute your divinity in ALL! I feel more at home in myself embracing all of them and am grateful and very thankful. I feel new joy and beginnings!" Linda M. Olympia Washington 

"After our Chakra Frequency Session I slept on and off. Spent time the next day with my son and niece. Had a wonderful time with lots of love. On Monday I went to this convenience store where I ran into "Chris." He had so much pure love coming from his eyes. I left the building and saw two different graffiti signs that said LOVE. It was magical. I carried this love to the full moon meditation where I received and sent nothing but love. It was Awesome! Afterwards I went to get flour to make bread and as I am scooping the flour into the bag, granules would jump off the plastic scoop in a playful manner. It was magic. Thank you for your friendship, sharing your gift and making such a huge impact on my life" Lisa C Salem Oregon 

"Thank you so much Angelica. Great Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages on Chris Curious Times Blog Talk Radio Canada." Davyd Vancouver Island, Canada 

"Great Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages on Chris Curious Times Blog Talk Radio Canada." Ruth S Illinois Chicago  

"Thank you so much fro the beautiful phone Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading yesterday. I am soooo grateful to have connected with you. I found out after I talked you yesterday that my daughter who is now pregnant had a miscarriage earlier on these past months. I wondered if that could have been the young female presence you felt with Ray after the fact." Marlene J. Olympia WA 

"Today I am feeling lighter since our Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading. I am looking forward to the new me and its possibilities." Cyril K. Georgia 

"My friend you got rave reviews from the customers and the Staff, congratulations." Steve B. East West Bookshop Seattle WA 

"I have been feeling so happy and somehow free and excited since the Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading with you at the Cove in Shelton. Thank you." Melissa J. Shelton WA 

"I had an amazing Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading with you at the Cove in Shelton yesterday and I haven't been quite the same since. I would love another reading with you" Marlene J. Shelton WA 

"Thank you so much!!! You really got me. You were spot on with the Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading I received on Chef Sessy Blog Talk Radio" Helena NY 

"Love your energy and your Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages & Chakra Reading. I received on Chef Sessy Blog Talk Radio" Stephanie Georgia 

"You did a great job with the Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading" Chris Curious Times Blog Talk Radio Canada 

"It was wonderful to speak with  you tonight Angelica and a get a great Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages. Thank you so much for the information you gave to me. It makes a lot of sense and hearing you actually say things out loud gives me something to work on. Thanks Again Christine W Willis radio show "

"Thank you for a great Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages" Richard B Los Angeles CA

"You were sensation on the Psychic radio round table! Fabulous! So accurate! Even in my private side reading you were spot on. Thanks" Christine M Willis Texas 

"The birth of a friend's baby after our Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading and Chakra Clearing-Balancing Session opened my eyes up in so many ways. I so the correlation to what I personally experiencing in my life with a death of an old life and the insecurities symbolized by the labor pains to the actual birth of a new baby-newness in my life. I am deeply grateful! I knew while it was happening that there was something very significant for me in it all and your reply to my 48 hour followup session now makes it abundantly clear " Zaakera S. Redmond WA 

"Thank you for the Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading. It was calming and relaxing. Your accuracy with my new job opportunity and the back ground check was spot on. " Tonnie H. Seattle WA 

"Thank  you for the Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading and Chakra Clearing-Balancing Session. I find myself being very calm, so far nothing seems to bother me as it did before." Loretta A Eureka, CA 

"After the Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading and Chakra Clearing-Balancing Session I felt electric. I then went through 5 hours of releasing. I lost 4 pounds in 1 day of body weight.I truly could not identify what I was releasing, but it flowed out. The next morning, the sadness I was feeling got lifted in meditation." Deb P Sonoma CA 

"I had a Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading when I was pregnant. You told me I would have a happy healthy girl. In our conversation in the New Year  I am happy to say I did have a healthy happy girl. I love her. Thank you." Rachel W Corvallis OR 

"I am deeply honored by my first Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading and Chakra Clearing-Balancing Session with Angelica. Thank you so much! She helped me see with great clarity my purpose as a Crystal Child." Alex L Encino CA 

"Thank you for the Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading last summer. It was very accurate. You said I hadn't healed from the surgery in September and you were right. I found out on 11/28  that I had an infection all along from the surgery that something they installed malfunctioned. I have to have a corrective surgery to remove it on 12/26 " Heather B. Veneta Oregon 

"Wow! Thank you for a beautiful experience with the Chakra Frequency 1 hour session. As you took me into trance, I felt like I was floating, literally. I felt my true soul floating. I was aware my body was here but I was aware I was not part of this body! Amazing! Here is the cool stuff: so as the clearing and cutting cords began, someone was rapidly tapping on the end of my nose, several taps, literally leaving a red area on my nose! Then the tapping went from the nose to each side of my face, below the temples, between the ears and cheek bones. I then felt releasing in my left leg and in my back at each side. I could 'feel' the new energy coming in. I was aware of how much love I could feel and it was like I 'was' love not feeling love. I felt lighter and happy more content and focused.  The color gold was all around swirling like gold dust flowing very peaceful! This experience was very rewarding and I am so grateful to you for your wonderful gifts and your professionalism in delivering this beautiful connection. I can feel this huge energy about to manifest into some major change. I am so excited. My breath flows easily and my heart feels light and strong! Much love to you." Deb P Sonoma CA 

"This weekend has changed my life. After the Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading and Chakra Clearing-Balancing Session, I immediately felt like a new person and it continued from there. I have no more tension in my neck, back or in my mind. Prior to the session I would have memories of my past would haunt me and I would feel horrible guilt or anxiety. Now I feel I can move forward and am excited to a bright peaceful future. Saturday night I slept the best I have slept in years. I was taking Advil at least 2-3 times a day for headaches. Since the session, I don't anymore. I am so glad my Father on the other side came through. He was and is an amazing man. I was very lucky to have him in my life as much as I did. I cannot thank you enough-you have saved me from myself and helped me open up to a new level of understanding. Thank you again for sharing your amazing gift with those in need. I look forward to our next meeting." Tracey P. Salem Oregon 

"It was so good to finally find you! I came to you to help support me losing weight. After the Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading and Chakra Clearing-Balancing Session I felt lighter. I awoke this morning lighter and not as hungry as I normally would be. I am being mindful of what I put into my mouth as I am ready for the pounds to go away. While swimming I kept seeing a reddish brown color and the chocolate brown. It was a warm feeling. I look forward to working with you to reach higher Chakra points. Peace be with you." Helen M. Salem Oregon 

"My state of mind has become more aware and stronger since our Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading and Chakra Clearing-Balancing Session. My home life is more peaceful. I know that more internal adjustments are needed Thank you." Bianca C  Chandler AZ 

"Thank you for the Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading. It helps lift some of the stress of moving. I did have a notion that I could move at any time. You also help solidify information from a previous reading that was a bit sketchy." Guy H. Shelton Washington

"It was great meeting you on Saturday. The Angel-Your Guide reading was spot on." Toni W Shelton Washington 

"I set up a Chakra Frequency session to become more motivated, lose weight, eat healthy, and exercise. Just after the Chakra Frequency session I had a fantastic hour nap and in the last 48 hours I have felt more motivated, positive, and active-getting lots of things done that I had been meaning to do. I've been walking more and being more active in general with projects around the house and errands. I've been motivated to start eating a better breakfast and have planned my grocery list in this weekend accordingly. Other than that just a general feeling of more contentment and connected has been prevalent. Thanks so much for the fabulous session. That nap was the best ever and it's nice to feel more motivated" Steffani S. Redmond, Washington 

"Just want to thank you so much for the reading done at Cove Crystals on Saturday. The highlight of the session was my husband coming through to let me know that he is OK and watching over me. What was funny is that you asked me if I had anything to ask him. I was shocked that he actually came through that I couldn't think of anything! I had lots of questions to ask him. Driving home, I remembered that on Friday, I was talking to him and asking him to give me a sign for my birthday (which was Saturday) that he was OK! What a wonderful birthday present you saying the exact words, without you knowing, I asked him to give me! Also you mentioned that I would be doing 'good things' with my hands. Well, this Saturday I am taking the first level Reiki. I didn't think it would be happening so quickly. As I told you, I have known for awhile that would be doing some type of healing." Cynde R. Shelton Washington 

"On Sept 29th you said I would hear from my dad in about 1-2 weeks as it looks like he is moving on into the light. You emailed me on October 2nd and said I would hear from my dad in possibly in a dream as he is definitely moving into the light rather than coming back to earth. On October 4th a month and 2 days after my dad died I decided to take a morning nap. While sleeping, I felt a wonderful tingle all over my body and then heard my dad clearly say in my left ear "I love you honey" and then I saw his face kind of like through a small window. He looked about 50ish and was very happy. Then you called this morning right about the same time I had the dream last week and when I went outside of the Flavia building the crows went ballistic at the mention of my dream and my dad. All through our conversation, they cawed and flew from tree to tree-then in clustered groups of 3 then back to the trees. They did not stop their noise until I went back into the building and ended the phone call. Simply amazing. Thank you!" Rebecca H. Mcminnville Oregon 

"I feel a lot of shifting still happening on a much deeper level since our Angel-Guide reading and Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading and Chakra Clearing-Balancing Session last week. I am more aware of the moments of ease and flow and when I get knocked off center back to tense needing to 'do' mode. The latter makes me physically ache, so I have been paying more attention and when I feel it, I loosen my chest and my belly to allow the energy to flow down. It was wonderful to have an appointment with you. You recognize many things and challenges I face. I am looking forward to our next appointment. Thank you so very much for sharing your ability to tune-in Angelica." Oni H. McMinnville Oregon 

"Since the Chakra Frequency Session I walked out feeling lighter. I could barely open my eyes. The body is releasing so much that I have been sleeping so much. I remind myself to be grateful and open to new possibilities as I continue to surrender the past and excitingly await the integration of the new frequencies and Guides. I still feel like I am processing old sadness." "Excited to say about 5 days after our session, I feel my heart in a more expansive and peaceful manner. The fact that you 'saw' my soul and acknowledged it allowed me to stay in the process of lifting up the density to the surface and your energy work made it so much easier since there was no human attachment, fear, insecurities keeping it stuck if it had been done on the physical plane.  Thank you so much for all the great work yo do." Joani H. McMinnville Oregon 

"There is some lightness in my thoughts since our Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading and Chakra Clearing-Balancing Session." Colleen H. Mcminnville Oregon 

"I loved the Angel-Guide reading and Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading and Chakra Clearing-Balancing Session so much. Thank you. This is all so new to me." Michelle P.  McMinnville Oregon 

"Since our Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading and Chakra Clearing-Balancing Session, my fiance has moved our relationship to a new level. For the first time he has included me in sharing his finances. He has always kept his possessions and finances private. For the first time my daughter had a breakthrough emotionally. I have taken up crocheting again." Rebecca L. McMinnville Oregon 

"Hi Angelica! Thanks for a wonderful experience with our Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading and Chakra Clearing-Balancing Session." Joani H. McMinnville Oregon 

"I truly enjoyed our Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading and Chakra Clearing-Balancing Session! I felt as if I floated out of there being carried by angels. Truly an amazing feeling! I had to sit in my car for 20 minutes to collect/ground myself. I wish to feel like that all the time!! Thank you again and I will keep in contact with you. Kimberlee W. McMinnville Oregon 

"I so enjoyed our time in the Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading and Chakra Clearing-Balancing Session. I have had some amazing energetic shifts. Last night my left shoulder was as if someone physically grabbed it and then a density left out of it, very strong charge left." Jackie H. McMinnville Oregon 

"Thanks again for the Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading and Chakra Clearing-Balancing Session. It was a great session. Energy moved and I am still feeling lighter in my heart. Looking forward to working with you again." Michele H. McMinnville Oregon 

"Hello my lil "Angel." I feel crystal clear from our Chakra Clearing/Balance and Angel-Your Guide Session. My relationship with my husband is not a healthy one for me. It is directly obvious and I can no longer live a demeaning life." Bianca G. Chandler AZ 

"Thank you for your energy yesterday. I have been embracing the new and appreciate your reminder to do so, a very freeing calmness!!. Look forward to working with you again and many blessings to you." Gay M. Shelton Washington 

"Thank you for the Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading. I was and am listening to the message. Thank you for doing the work you do." Yvonne A Southern California 

"I felt very peaceful after the Angel-Your Guides-Medium Messages and Chakra Reading which included getting messages from my guides. I had a great night of sleep.  I have been sleeping better after the reading. Before I went to bed, the name of the school to get a master's degree in nutrition came to my mind. It was loud and clear and I need to check it out again. I was looking at the option to get a master's degree a few years ago and that school was one of them. Thank you so much for the reading. It was very helpful." Denise L. Portland Oregon 

"You are a very positive with a merry vibration that made all of us smile. In particular, thank you for the encounter yu and I had. You were right, I knew I would be the first one in the chair! What a WONDERFUL surprise to get in touch with my dad on the Other Side. Yes I it was time to being letting him go into the light and to the Higher Good. Thank you  for that gift"  Anthony P Portland Oregon 

"You are the light. Gratitude and I feel even more clear." Heather L. Portland Oregon 

"After the 45 minute Chakra Frequency Session, I am feeling more emotionally peaceful and have more clarity. Thank you again" Jenny D. Grants Pass Oregon 

"Thank you for bringing the ghost I have experienced for such a long time into the light. He being a father I felt had an unsettled energy with regard to his daughter. You helping him feel the peace and then taking him into the light was so amazing. It has been 3 months now and I still feel like he is gone. I no longer sense his presence and the unsettled energy he had. Thank you so much for what you have done."  Stephanie- Eugene Oregon 

"I have been experiencing deep physical and deep emotional releasing since the 45 minute Chakra session. Additionally I have felt compelled almost obsessively to get closure in past relationships, distance and forgive family who are constantly abusive towards me or take advantage of my giving nature and forgive others whom I have long carried a painful memory from. I have been working on completing projects which have  seemed to drag on forever by 'trusting' in the spirit to provide without limitations. Finally, I feel new space in my body filled with light. As if the darkness from holding pain inside or negative thoughts have been lifted from my very soul. I look forward to learning much from this experience, growing and applying what I 'know' and have learned into daily practice" Rich Grants Pass, Oregon

"I had a short reading with you at the Metaphysical Fair in Portland and it was a wonderful experience. I am already experiencing positive changes in my life. Thank you so much" Beth Portland Oregon 

"Thank you so much for your healing energy. You helped me on my journey to self-realization. I will schedule again soon when possible." Susie Corvallis Oregon 

"After our 1 hour Chakra Frequency Session I feel space and newness. My mind does seem to be clearing faster during meditation. Also, I was able to accomplish some task on which I have been dragging my feet the past few days. That all seems really positive to me. Thanks for your help and making yourself available to share your gifts." Rebecca H. Mcminnville, Oregon 

"Thank you for the 45 minute Chakra Frequency Session. I feel not so broken. More pulled together. A friend of mine said I have good things coming and I did the right thing. A new me  " Deeanna R. Roseburg, Oregon 

"The  morning  after our one hour Chakra Frequency Session I felt big beautiful energy moving through my body, up and out.  All day, off and on, I have been feeling lots of love coming to me, and a knowing of how wonderful things will be (are).  I felt like I am falling in love again with my husband.  I could feel love coming and it was easy.  I felt you were working on me.  When old patterns of negativity come, I know it has no power over me.  Nothing to worry about or think about. I feel much more relaxed. With deep gratitude for your work and to the angels and guides who spoke up with what I needed to hear." Love,  Ann S. Corvallis, Oregon 

"During our session I had for the first time experienced an amazing moment of a perfect quiet mind. It was amazing and gave me something to aim for. For 5 consecutive days following the session with you, I found myself bursting with energy & feeling very positive & cheerful. At the same time I felt myself releasing some stuff physically having low back pain for two days & a headache that lasted a few days. I opened your follow up notes realizing the physical pain was a form of attachment on the old beliefs I was releasing . I did my best to carry on and the pain finally went away. Thanks for everything" Terri Roseburg, Oregon 

"I loved your session, since then and now 2 weeks later I am motivated (rather than in fear) to take action toward the goal of building the coaching business. Your work was a big help in shifting major blocks. I feel much more positive and feel close to emerging into positive cash flow (1st time in more than 20 Years!). thanks Angelica" Shirley Director of Life Energy Coaching Glendale California 

"The Chakra Frequency Session with you was awesome. (actually it still is). The hypnosis allowed my main issue to surface many of which was familiar with, but there were clearly aspect which I hadn't gotten yet. I found it extremely valuable. Now more than a month later I feel much more positive and feel close to emerging into positive cash flow (1st time in more than 20 Years!)." Murray Life Coach Glendale California 

"Since our first hypnosis and Chakra session, I am experiencing a greater well being, more peace, calmness and relaxed. Thank you Angelica" Judy P Grants Pass Holistic and Psychic Fair 

"I chose to meet with Angelica because of my supervisor's comments on needing to improve on my communication, listening and attitude. I received major insights in my 2 hour private session with Angelica. I learned how to listen without interrupting for 30 minutes, how I was taking others' stuff personally and how to communicate from the heart. A month after our session, I received compliments from other nurses and my supervisor on how I laugh more, listen better and communicate more effectively. I am more confident, relaxed and am taking better care of myself. Thank you Angelica" Alice M Nurse Salem Oregon 

"My heart and soul thanks you. I read your book every night before bed. Every time I read the same chapter, it comes together for me really well. I really understand me and understand when I have troubles with someone's behavior. Thank you." Julie Salem Oregon 

"Angelica is a very gifted, spiritual being and teacher. She has done a lot to help me in my own path and struggles." Hank former training manager at Boeing & owner of a retreat center in Bend Oregon 

"I felt lighter and more balanced which really helped me focus better on college and daily routines. I was amazed that I was able to go under with the other people in the room. Truly a great experience. Thank you." Theresa P., Salem, Oregon 

"I've been really busy setting up my new life. I went through such an interesting process, just listening to my inner guidance, and voila landed a job in one of the best day spas in the country, right here in Eugene! I want to say that I believe all the work I've been doing and all the release work we did together really helped me Angelica, and  thank you very Much!" Jen Eugene, Oregon 

"Wow! How powerful you are!! I definitely would like to do another 2 sessions." "In my second session I experienced a huge shift with some tears and deep feelings coming up to the surface. The next day I seemed to have opened up. Afterward, I moved to a higher level of consciousness! A few days later, I am not sure my feet touched the ground all day." Jen Eugene, Oregon

"I felt more peaceful after our session. Thanks" Ellen Salem, Oregon 

"You project such positive feelings that I know you are going to be experiencing amazing things in life." Kathie Corvallis, Oregon 

"From the chakrah balancing session, I have a sense of serenity, calm, peace and productivity and it lasted all week." Patty Corvallis 

"Thanks so much, I had a great day after the session! Unexpected money came my way. An agent got mad because things didn't go her way and I was able to let it go." Monica S. Corvallis, Oregon 

"Thank you for your kind words and support last night. Your call was timed perfectly. I had some major revelations and insights last night and I am feeling much better. Many of your words really hit home and I made some decisions last night that are life changing! Very Exciting!" Traci K. Bend, Oregon 

"I am more aware of my old habits and catch myself before I start complaining about a situation. Thinking positive is another good habit I need to use more and really believe in it. Before I use my responsive side that I am learning, I was very reactive and I am still very fresh with this habit. However I am wanting to change my bad habits in communication, my complaining, judging and negative thinking. I am wanting to make improvements by taking deep breaths and pause before I react. By pausing, I have enough time to think and use my responsive side." Oktar K. Corvallis, Oregon 

"I am seeing huge improvements with Oktar since he is working with Angelica. Thank you." Jesse B. Office Of Vocational Rehab. Corvallis, Oregon December 

"I like and appreciate your teachings. During your first meditation class, for the first time I felt a deeper sense of peace in 60 plus years; after a few of your phone sessions, I am now breathing better, cut down on sweets, take walks, feel more vibrant and alive. Once you let go of the fear-driven mentality, life seems to run smoother in relationships  and in life. Physically, all my adult life, I had nasal issues; Would you believe that after you worked with my nasal passages this last session, I am breathing much better! The nasal passages are open and taking in air. In my sessions, I now remember to feel and come from Divine Oneness, love, beauty and gratitude. After our session, I feel this natural high." Bruce B. Portland, Oregon 

"The session was fantastic...kind of like when you were a little child and your mother would read you to sleep. My reaction to the experience was very similar to having a massage, only this was done in the mind without physical manipulation. I feel refreshed and my mind is ready to work on some pieces that I want to compose." Delbert-Lebanon, Oregon 

"I had pain in the body & when Angelica provided hands on healing, I felt both my crown Chakrah open up & a light full of love. At that moment I felt so connected to the universe & said why am I connecting to the pain & world attachments when I can connect to this universal bliss? It was amazing." -Adelina Burke Los Angeles, CA 

"There was this pinpoint of golden light from Angelica's eyes to my eyes. Back & forth balance came." Angie Los Angeles, CA 

"Thank you. You got it."-Jeff Michalski Los Angeles, CA 

"Angelica gave me a delightful reading. She could hear guidance words for me, as I asked what they would like to tell me for my best good. I treasure the responses they gave me thru Angelica"-Blessings Jeannie Alvin Northern CA 

"I feel really great about my connection with you. thank you for the very powerful gifts! It was just what was needed for me to shift gears!" - Patricia Sena (artist) Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for the reading. You told me to put more energy in my heart Chakra & I did feeling the Christ energy- Tahira deeksha giver MT Shasta, CA 

                                              Speaking Engagements and Classes: 

"Must tell you how very much I enjoyed the talk Chakra Points to Incorporate Serendipity Living and hope to participate in more your events.  The meditation you did was great and I am enjoying the the Nature LOVE meditation CD I bought." May B Westlinn Oregon 

"I think everyone enjoyed your presence at the church immensely. Well done. We will certainly be delighted to have you back." Miriam Portland Oregon 

"I took your Secrets to Schmoozing class in January. It was yesterday when I was having a conversation with a friend that I realized that I was gesturing with my hands and that was one thing you pointed out would enhance my conversation. Also from the class and other forums I have participated in, I am conversing more with others, my initiation, even strangers are approaching me more. I am learning to converse when there is more than one person involved. Thank you Angelica" Kieth Ohlsen- Salem Oregon 

"You did a great job presenting relaxation, positive focus and basic stretching at the 50+ Wellness Center Conference. Thanks so much." Kanoe Salem Oregon 

"Myself and a group of 5 experienced a relaxation movement class, which encompasses meditation and tools for positive focus and opening the heart. It was one of the most vibrant sessions I have EVER experienced'" Bill Rogers-Eugene Wellness Center Eugene Oregon; Quantum Biofeedback/Whole Body Vibration/Massage Therapy/Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils 

"Thank you for your class and I appreciated all your gifts and talents that led you to presenting the Heartfelt Communication class that I attended. It will help me in my daily life and I am looking forward to reading your book." Janet- Chemeketa Community College Salem Oregon 

"I wanted to let you know that I appreciate the dedication you have to your classes. In the time that I Have worked with you, you have been reliable and professional in your interactions with class participants and staff. Your approach to life and your work is down to earth and full of passion. It is very clear that you enjoy what you do and are excited to share your knowledge with others. Debbie-Albany Parks and Recreation Albany, Oregon 

"Angelica, Your two talks at our Sunday Service were insightful and well received by the congregation. I had several members tell me how wonderful your presentation was and they urged me to book you again as soon as often as possible. Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you in the future." Chris Garey Spiritual Leader Unity Church-Five Cities Arroyo Grande 

"We enjoyed you talk today at the Unity of the Valley and will mention to Ed Conrad to see about scheduling a class at Unity." Jennifer Eugene, Oregon 

"Thanks for the class. I am still in a fog (a good fog) Ellen Salem, Oregon 

"Acceptance. In class I was arriving (with tears in my eyes) at the this topic as "my topic" around 2:15-ish. When I got out of class to my car, the cell phone had a call from my mother at 2:18. No message, just interesting that she thought to call me at the same time I was thinking of acceptance. Thanks for the interesting class! Cathy Salem, Oregon  

"I like and appreciate your teachings. During your first mediation class, for the first time I felt a deeper sense of peace in 60 plus years." Bruce B. Portland, Oregon 

I attended the service last Sunday at the Spiritual Awareness Community and it was such a powerful meditation that I wanted to send you a special thanks. I was planning to speak to you for a minute after the service, but you were busy receiving others. So, here is your appreciation in arrears, and I hope you return to our area sometime in the future!" Blessings, Victoria S. Bend, OR 

"Angelica has worked for STAR Education as a teacher in areas of communication, leadership and presentation skills. Angelica shared her amazing talents during school and after school with high achieving students We have had positive feedback from the administration, parents and students about her creativity, kindness and teaching abilities. Angelica is very dependable, highly creative and full of energy and she does an amazing job of connecting with all types of students. She would be a great asset to any program." Tery Arnold Director Gifted and Talented Division of Star inc 

"Angelica is a true professional and her presentation was informative as well as entertaining and show not be missed. I would not hesitate in recommending her to fellow associates and business alike."  Dean Cole WAMB Washington 

"Angelica was inspiring, motivating and her ability to bring the group together provided the opportunity to interact between each other professionally and have fun doing it." Linda Bures Washington Association of Student Employment Administrators. Washington 

"I am writing this letter on behalf of Angelica Rose. Our Child Watch Staff had the pleasure of having Angelica present a training element at our last retreat. To say that it was well received would be an understatement! Angelica is energetic, enthusiastic and well-spoken. Her topics encouraged motivation, positive leadership, & communication. She is empathetic and empowering in her approach, and guided the staff through various creative exercises that helped increase awareness. The staff truly enjoyed the experience! As a supervisor I would encourage the opportunity to have Angelica Rose as a Motivational Speaker to aid your staff toward accomplishing personal and professional success." Rene Rosman Youth and Family Program Director Central Branch YMCA Portland Oregon 

"Our class had the privilege of inviting Ms. Rose to speak with us. We were getting ready to begin a new concept of turning a class into an advertising business. Our students found local businesses to build advertising campaigns for; this included both broadcast and print advertisements. The quality of the student's work has been incredible and I know their views of what they could accomplish was a direct result of the informative and motivational talk with Ms. Rose. Many students have mentioned it often and have enjoyed sharing parts of the demonstration with others who were not in attendance. In conclusion, I highly recommend the utilization of the text Secrets to Running a Successful Business, as well as Angelica Rose as a speaker for either informational or motivational purposes." Patrick Buckhalter. Southridge High School Teacher 

"Angelica taught Self Management courses for our department from 1997 through 1999. Feedback from completed evaluations reflected depth and knowledge in her material, enthusiasm, caring, and a great job inspiring participants. Her style of speaking exemplified a positive attitude that gave the students the opportunity to relax, interact in a playful way and enhance skill development. Thank you Angelica for your positive caring approach. I would definitely recommend Angelica to any organization that is seeking a teacher or motivational speaker." Ron Adams Program Director Oregon Youth Conservation Corps