Angelica Rose-The Heart of Motivation

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Essence of Love: Awaken-Activate the Inner Spirit Relaxation ISBN 978-0-9639304-3-9

Guided Relaxation with high vibration Music to Awaken human mind, heart and body to a greater place of gratitude, deeper place of love and inner peace    


Sample Relaxation portion 

Sample Mind Awakening portion



Love Nature  Relaxation CD (ISBN 978-0-9639304-6-0)                                                        

Experience the heart opening to heighten levels, a quiet mind, and a relaxed body, through a guided meditation with sounds of birds and pictures of nature. The beginning of the DVD has a water fall scene to enjoy. 30 minutes

Angelica Rose Relaxation Nature Sounds
Angelica Rose (LOVE Nature Sounds Relaxation)

Chakra Frequency relaxation CD (ISBN 978-0-9639304-5-3)

An individualized guided experience to transform your life by transmuting the beliefs no longer serving you on the emotional, mental and physical plane and downloading Universal Love Frequency beliefs that bring greater love, joy, peace, vitality and well being. 47 minutes

Sample To Listen 

DEMO Chakra Frequency with Michael Hammer Music 05 Let it Go (Luminescence)
Angelica Rose and Michael Hammer Music (DEMO Music Chakra Frequency with Michael Hammer)

LOVE-Gratitude - relaxation CD ISBN 978-0-9639304-7-7

A Hypnotic meditation CD to experience:

* Nurturing Love

* Gratitude

* Vitality and Aliveness

* Deeper Connection with GOD & Your Spirit

Sample To Listen- two versions to choose from. 

Love Gratitude
Angelica Rose

15 Minutes Revitalization (ISBN 978-0-9639304-2-2) - relaxation CD

A guided meditation CD to relax and enhance clarity and direction.

* Relax in only 15 minutes with tested successful results

* Guided meditation with piano music in the background


Sample To Listen

Track 01
Angelica Rose 15 Minute Revitalization (15 Minute Revitalization)

CD versions Awakening your Chakras Plus How to Listen to Your Guides ISBN 978-0-9639304-8-4

Learn the name and meaning of each of the 8 Chakra points; The difference between 8 Human Chakras and partnering with the Inner Spirit. What Balance and Imbalance of the 8 chakras is all about, exercise on quieting the mind and calming the emotions; . Plus tips on how to listen, feel or hear your Spirit Guides.


Angelica Rose (DEMO The 8 Chakras and Tips on Spirit Guides)

Spiritual Journey to become "smarter" and a meditation CD 

A talk to learn how to become Smarter Spiritually. Develop tools that are in alignment with your Spiritual Being as you learn how to live on 'purpose' with greater joy, love, peace, vitality and prosperity rather than being scattered, in fear, lack, insecurity, etc.. Talk shares tools on breathing for deeper state of relaxation, a mind exercise to understand your thought pattern and to quiet the chatter. As a bonus a meditation for heightened levels of peace, love, you and well-being.


Spiritual Journey From Human Consciousness to Spiritual Oneness
Angelica Rose (Music By Michael Hammer

Chakra Activation CD  ISBN 978-0-9639304-4-6

Activate 8 chakras with colors & sounds 

Expand the Aura

Activate the Inner Spirit


Sample To Listen

Chakras Activation
Angelica Rose (Chakras Activation)

Cases are a soft poly with front and back inlay
No returns or exchanges and for integrity purposes I have tested all the CD's & DVDs personally. 

Inspirational Stickers:

'what you believe, you perceive & eventually you receive,' 

'believe peace' 

'think GOD, Feel GOD'

Electronic Version: Living Life as You Always Dreamed (ISBN 978-0-9639304-1-5) 

Expand your Consciousness to living a life free of the human fears, insecurities, limitations, negativity, etc. that keep you stuck in human struggle and drama. Live a life with greater joy, love and prosperity never before known.


Divinity of Love

Chapter 1:  Believe in Yourself                                                           Chapter 7: Keeping a Positive Attitude during Tough Times

Chapter 2:: Steps to Build Self-Esteem                                              Chapter 8: Prosperity Consciousness

Chapter 3:  Effective Leadership                                                        Chapter 9: Relationships

Chapter 4: Positive Focus for Effective Action                                     Chapter 10: Communication and Listening Skills

Chapter 5: Letting Go of Distractions                                                 Chapter 11: Living Life on Purpose

Chapter 6: Living Life as You Always Dreamed     


You don't have to wait for a leader to motivate and inspire you to create a very fulfilling life! In Living Life Angelica provides unique, insightful, breakthrough tools to improve life through self-leadership and healthy relationships. Get started now! ~Al Siebert, Ph.D. Author of The Survivor Personality. Director of The Resiliency Center

Angelica provides insightful details into identifying the foundations that provide the necessary personal strength from which to achieve one's dreams and describing the steps for building those foundations. I have found her words inspiring and thought provoking. "Living Life" is the perfect book for the how-to's of growing into the person you most want to be. ~Lisa Rowan, author of "The Unity Cycle."

I have read countless self-improvement books and books on achieving spirituality. Rose's book is different. It synthesizes both areas in a simple process of understanding oneself and taking this newfound knowledge to create both tranquility and joy in one's life. "Living Life" has been a true blessing for me. I recommend this book to all that choose to achieve the life you always dreamed. ~ Steve Gersman Versizon Wireless, National Manager of Curriculum Development

"I love the Living Life as You Always Dreamed book so much information. I am also loving the Talk on Spiritual Journey, especially the breathing exercise. Thank you." Bianca G. Chandler AZ 

I love your Living Life Book. I read it daily providing major insights every time I read it. - Ellen Salem, Oregon 

Electronic Version of THE NEW Secrets To Running A Successful Business (ISBN 978-0-9639304-0-8) 

Illustrates many of the effective methods used in today's business world as a leader.

* Easy to read format 

* Covers the facets to increase success & avoid costly mistakes 

* Action guide, getting direct results on what is taught 

* Proven success formulas used by millions


Company profitability and Mission Statement:

Chapter 1: The Business Plan                                                                                         Chapter 5: Increasing Your Client Base

Chapter 2: Creative Planning and Pro-Action Steps                                                        Chapter 6: Increasing Your Sales Volume

Chapter 3: Time Management & Organization Skills                                                        Chapter 7: Customer Service & Improving profits

Chapter 4: Creative Marketing                                                                                         Chapter 8: Tax Preparation

Available Electronic OCT 2013 Edition  Directly from Angelica: $11 plus 1$ for charge/debit cards

Some Testimonials

"I thoroughly enjoy your book-The New Secrets to Running A Successful Business. It covers all that is necessary to start and run a successful business in an easy to read format. Thank you for putting this book together. It has helped me feel more confident with my business." Michelle Roseburg, Oregon 2011 

Angelica Rose's Secrets book is a must for every business owner! It is a very easy to read and powerful reference tool that should be in every business owner's library Susan Boren Women's  Entrepreneurs Network

A wonderful blend of the human and basic business factors required to achieve both personal and professional success. This book poses some valuable questions regardless of the purpose of the reader's journey Pamela Katims Steele Vice President & Director of Public Affairs at KIRO INC channel 7

I  hired Angelica Rose's services for my own staff after seeing her enlightening performance at a seminar. Her live presentation provides a full grasp of sales and her book is a continuing educational guide. Experienced and beginners alike will benefit from Ms Rose's salesmanship training. Mark Perez Sales Manager at First American Title Insurance

As a person new to the business world, having come from a healthcare background, I found Angelica's book easy to read and understand. It explained the steps necessary to succeed in concise, easy to understand terms. I found the fill-in-the-blanks sections to be the most helpful. With this section, I could have any goals and achievements documented for later review. In person, Angelica is an enthusiastic dynamic person who could motivate even the most laid-back person.  She reminds me of the Pink Bunny that never runs out of energy Billi Tatman RN, CCRN, Assocate Nurses Benefits Association

Few Product Testimonials: 

" I love your awakening chakra CD. Thank you." Leslie P. Shelton Washington

"hi lovely I wanted to let you know I received your CDs yesterday woohhhooo. listened to the first one the Chakra Frequency CD and it was great fell asleep it was so relaxing. I think i need to listen to it again and see if I can stay awake. big hugs. thank you." Angela R North Carolina April 

" I've been playing the audio on the Essence of Love-Activation DVD, and the energy is still flowing.I CAN FEEL IT! I thank you for sending it to me via MP the Imac scratched the DVD and was told that it may have a tendency to scratch disc due to the "no drawer" function. " Tim C Seattle Washington March 

"I've listened to the 5 minute meditation several times and I love it.  It's simple, but very profound.  Thank you for sending it! Blessings, Cyndi K " Indiana December 

"I absolutely love love love the Nature Meditation DVD. What a gift. So beautiful Angel" Deb P. Sonoma CA June 

"I love the Living Life as You Always Dreamed book so much information. I am also loving the Talk on Spiritual Journey, especially the breathing exercise. Thank you." Bianca G. Chandler AZ June 

"The Inner Spirit CD was good. I loved the beginning where you mentioned putting your thoughts on top of the clouds" Annette B Eugene OR June 

"The Inner Spirit CD was very useful and effective. Your voice is soothing and I particularly liked the technique of having thoughts float off onto clouds." Judy T Grants Pass Or June 

"The Inner Spirit CD was excellent. It is so powerful and puts me in a deeper meditative state, then all the powerful positive affirmations which are perfect for me. This CD will help me through all the lessons I am personally learning with ease Thank you!." Liz G Grants Pass, OR June 

"I am enjoying the Living Life as You Always Dreamed book" Lisa C Salem Oregon May 

"Just a note to tell you how lovely your Nature LOVE DVD is. I love the bird song and the very faint music. Transporting. Congratulations!!" Melissa J. Shelton WA May 

"Must tell you how very much I enjoyed the talk Chakra Points to Incorporate Serendipity Living and hope to participate in more your events.  The meditation you did was great and I am enjoying the the Nature LOVE meditation CD I bought." May B Westlinn Oregon May 

"I love the Inner Spiritual Awakening Cd. It is more than awesome!! That totally helped me elevate my frequencies and allowed my heart to take over. Such a wonderful blessing. Thank you sincerely for the lessons and the assistance. Much love. Deb P. Sonoma CA April 

"I am happy with your products. The book is wonderful and so is the Chakra Relaxation CD. Best of all is the reading I got from you in person!' Jeanne O Fife Washington April 

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Your Attitude Gratitude and Chakra Relaxation CD plus the Living life book is Fantastic. Thank you- Deb Sonoma CA 

Your cd's are so good. They are in my I Pod touch and I listen to them whenever possible. Thank you very much for them. They are worth a lot more than you ask for them-Patricia McMinnville, Oregon 

Your relaxation CD has so touched me; thank you for what you are doing in the world. - Love Lyn Corvallis, Oregon 

"I thoroughly enjoy your book-The New Secrets to Running A Successful Business. It covers all that is necessary to start and run a successful business in an easy to read format. Thank you for putting this book together. It has helped me feel more confident with my business." Michelle Roseburg, Oregon 

I love your Living Life Book. I read it daily providing major insights every time I read it. - Ellen Salem, Oregon 2011

Your products and you have helped me immensely. - Valerie Corvallis, Oregon 

I am so grateful for the work you and the products you offer. thank you - Bruce Portland, Oregon 


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